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Hi, my name is
Grégoire Amigues
& I am a professional coach

Welcome to "Human Inside".

I am delighted to have you here.

This place is designed to help you decide if I am the coach you need right now.

Enjoy the tour, and let's connect if you think there is a fit.

Grégoire Amigues Coach

30 years of travelling the world in senior executive roles, of establishing professional and personal relationships globally, of parenting and partnering, have convinced me that our humaneness contains all the wisdom we need to stroll through life with ease.

A three-step approach to transformative opening

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Nothing can be changed that has not first been embraced.

Here, we learn to see and to tame what stands in the way.

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Knowing is not enough.

We want to embody the changes that we seek for ourself.

Here, we train, and we experiment new skills.

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As our inner boundaries expand unseen possibilities emerge.

Here, we reconnect with our creativity, and we generate new ways of being.

Three-step approach
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30+ Years of Experience

I am a certified Integral Coach (PCC, New Ventures West, USA), accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and an alumnus of advanced professional coaching academies such as ORSC™ and Aletheia Integral Unfoldment.


My coaching practice is nourished with over 30 years of experience as a finance & business person, a global traveler, a father, a partner, and an expat.


My approach addresses both personal and professional challenges.


My purpose is to support you in your exploration of inner boundaries

"Gregoire's dual experience in business and coaching is extremely powerful. He was able to read my shareholders' expectations and to understand my personal drivers at the same time. With his support, I developed new skills to communicate with key stakeholders without having to be ‘a different animal’ than myself."

Van, General Manager Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

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Here I Share Thoughts

Interested to find out
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