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Gregoire Amigues Coach

Born and raised in France, I have lived almost 10 years abroad in Portugal, the UK, Singapore, and now in Vietnam where I settled in 2019. I was married 27 years and am the proud father of five.

I spent 30 years of my adulthood traveling the world as a corporate executive. I helped global corporations grow their businesses internationally in various capacities: investment banker, chief strategy officer, equity investor, board member.


I enjoyed every bit of my career—including the hiccups, which taught me some memorable lessons.

Then came a time when I felt the need to address questions that had been left unattended for too long. I experienced deep coaching.

The transformational moment came when I began to accept facing the answers that’d come up whichever they might be. I was beginning to take responsibility.

The coaching experience transformed my conversations with myself and others so much, that I decided to put an end to my corporate career and to become a professional coach. I was going to serve my peers in a counseling role.

I took a year-long Integral Coaching certification course from the US, and started a full-time coaching practice based out of Singapore and Vietnam.


I support individuals who want to explore the insisting questions that are calling for attention, either in the workplace or in their private circumstances.

The Perfect Coffee

In 2018 I founded INCORP-Human Inside with the mission of helping my peers tap into their inner intelligences to make their lives easier.


Since then, Human Inside has become a global-reaching self-development coaching platform with clients in Asia, Europe and the US.


Human Inside attracts people who seek to reconnect with their inner wisdom in sensitive or transformative moments of their lives.

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The work of Human Inside is founded on 5 core values with the aim of delivering the best mix of support & challenge to your journey


We are all humans. Our stories vary, but in the end we all die. That makes us equal. You will be accepted as you come—body, heart, brain, soul— i.e., the unique whole that makes you who you are.


Underpinning our practice is modesty. We, too, are vulnerable. We know from personal experience the courage it takes to travel inward. We will support you as siblings in humanity.


It’s tough to face reality. Yet, nothing can be transformed that has not first been embraced. We will tell you what we see that you don’t see. We will distinguish between indulgence, which we cultivate, and complacency, which we avoid.



Our clients invite us into very intimate territories. We are aware of our responsibility. We respond to their trust with the integrality of our experience, of our expertise and, ultimately, of our soul.


Just as we suggest our clients to open and to learn, we do so constantly for ourselves. We keep up with relevant sources of knowledge—from traditional wisdoms to cutting-edge scientific reports—and we offer resources from an eclectic variety of disciplines in various formats.

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Our Values
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