Three days to sketch out the next phase of your life

You have led a successful life. While success, financial rewards, prestige, and status, have been the recompense for your hard work, you sometimes feel that you are at a crossroads. Should you continue in this direction or is it time to make a change? And if yes, towards what?


Perhaps, you intend to work a few more years to achieve financial independence before you can quit.  Or, you feel it is time to give back, but you don’t know how.  Or, you can’t wait to do something else but are not sure what.  Or perhaps, you are just curious and wonder what life might have to offer, if you just explored.


This exceptional three-day retreat is an in-depth inquiry into all the questions related to shaping the next phase of your life.  Some of these questions relate to the past, some relate to the future. The aim of the retreat is to help you activate the various parts in you—intellectual, emotional, relational, physical, spiritual—as you progress in your reflection.


This retreat brings together a small group of like-minded individuals who are willing to invest three days of their time challenging, supporting, and inspiring each other. The intention is not to offer ready-made answers. Rather, it isto help ask the right questions until your own answers shape up within.


The retreat is guided by two powerful integral coaches who are intimately familiar with the pressures that senior executives face and with the very specific challenges of transitions.  Having gone through their own transitions and coached many leaders in transition, they offer pragmatic suggestions and guidance on how to approach your deepest aspirations and face your doubts.


You will come back from the retreat refreshed and excited at the possibilities that opened during the three days. Whether you decide to make significant changes to your life, or start exploring new opportunities, or maybe take comfort in recognising that the path you are currently on is the right one, you will have achieved clarity and focus for the next chapter of your life.  In addition, you will have made a group of friends who can support you on that journey.

The format of the retreat is simple: we spend three days in a beautiful, inspiring place connected with nature. We leave behind our mobile phones and gadgets. The retreat alternates plenary sessions, for example to introduce key concepts; small group discussions to challenge and support each other; and time alone to reflect.


By slowing down and respecting our natural rhythms, we increase our focus and clarity and open ourselves to the creative process.

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