An introduction to personal development

The intention of this program is to provide an overview of what Integral Coaching can achieve for you or for people you care about.

Experience shows that even first conversations can go a long way. This is because we are not used to opening our hearts even to our closest friends; and also because even our closest friends are not always trained as empathetic listeners.

Our objective in this program is not to resolve the issue. Rather, it is to shed a different light on it. In certain instances, this work alone is enough to unlock your narrative and to gain an increased level of freedom vis-a-vis the issue. In other cases, it simply opens new possibilities that you can bring back home and explore further by yourself.

In addition, our time together provides an introduction to useful personal development tools. You will discover concepts and resources, and most likely areas of yourself, that you are less acquainted with.

The format is three half-days picked among two consecutive days (e.g. Friday afternoon and all day Saturday; or all day Saturday and Sunday morning; or any such combination during the week or the week-end).

The two days are organised around four modules:

  1. You present an issue at hand.

  2. Based on your narrative, we explore how the issue activates reactions in you.

  3. Together, we evaluate how skills in each command centres could be helpful in handling the situation.

  4. As the conversation progresses, we identify concepts, practices and resources that can help you look at the situation with a fresh eye.

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