A 6-month commitment to yourself

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You are coming to this program with an issue that makes you feel stuck or unhappy. You can sense that something is at play underneath the surface and you are willing to explore.

The objective of our work is to help you develop skills that will defuse the blocking power of the issue on you.

The program will include between-session exercises and practices. It will also offer resources such as readings, videos and various forms of arts.

After 6 months, you will perceive the issue, and more broadly the circumstances of your life, with a more comprehensive, more integrated and more compassionate sense of reality.


We will check that the objective of the coaching has been met and we observe the outcomes of your work over the period.

The coaching program is designed around two major intentions:

  • one is to increase your self-awareness because nothing can be corrected that has not been acknowledged first;

  • the other is not only to visualise possible new ways of being, but to embody them. Practice, and practice again, is the key.


This is how you will become self-corrective and self-generative.