Making your inner compass relevant to business

As leaders add on more leadership responsibilities, they need to resort to deeper layers of personal resources, values and self-awareness. This can be energy draining.


Combining 30 years of experience in business with powerful coaching techniques, I design programs that help business leaders to update their personal inner compass and to make it relevant in business situations.

Typical topics include: redefining a purpose for the organization; re-introducing meaning in action; integrating performance and impact; facilitating human-based management; mobilising younger teams; redesigning work-life balance; identifying the next step, sometimes the next ladder, to climb.

Our work will capitalise on the qualities that have driven your success so far. You will see how they relate to one another and how they inform your thoughts, nourish your beliefs, trigger your emotions and ground your deeds. You will also learn to spot habits that get in the way, and to flip them into sources of supportive energy.

As the process unfolds a greater sense of inner consistency develops, which helps to rejuvenate meaningfulness in your leadership role and in the organisation's mission.

The gravitas gained from the process is a powerful tool to inspire stakeholders and to move forward in the most uncertain environments.

The program has two versions:


Fixed number of sessions

  • 12 sessions of 1 hour each

  • Usually spans over a period of 4 to 6 months


Fixed period of time

  • 6, 9 or 12  months

  • Number of sessions is adapted based on coaching objectives and client’s availability

  • Upgrade features: 1.5 to 2-hour sessions. Coach available between sessions on phone or in writing

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