How much does it cost?

Prices are set based on the maximal number of clients I can serve throughout the year.

Individuals who pay on personal finance pay less than companies. This is because when companies bear the cost, they too are a beneficiary of the coaching—and often there is paperwork too.

I will give you a quote along with my service proposal after our first conversation.

Do I have to pay the first time we talk?

We will have at least one conversation, maybe more, before you make the decision to embark on a coaching journey with me. These conversations are opportunities for you and me to gauge if the chemistry is there. They are free.

Does it work as well on video as in person?

There is a difference, yes. However, video allows to perceive feelings and moods even thousands of miles away. And when it comes to showcase physical exercises or body attitudes, we will zoom out as needed. Experience shows that we usually have at least one opportunity to meet over the duration period of the coaching.

English is not my mother tongue. Does it matter?

A minimum level of proficiency in English (or French) is required because a large part of the experience is based on your talking to me. With that as a background, we will develop new communication skills together anyway. Also, studies show that speaking in a foreign language sometimes helps to take some distance with feelings or memories and hence makes them easier to express.