"Working with Gregoire has shifted the understanding about myself and invited me to have different perspectives about my situation. Gregoire is a great listener who understands you on 'what you say' and 'what you don't say'. The insights he has offered to me still open me up for more possibilities in my life, a year after working with him."

-- Aksara, Singapore

"Gregoire was of great help in a time of my life when i felt lost and needed some guidance. His coaching was a real positive, energising and refreshing experience.

Quickly we put in place a trustworthy relationship thanks to Gregoire's empathic skills which helped me open up and share my thoughts. Gregoire really gently helped me to go from my thoughts to my feelings and to better identify and understand them. He was also creative to make me go on one path when i didn't really want to go there. I felt no judgment from him, he helped me see things from another perspective thanks to a global programme taking into account the mind, the body and the soul.

He turned my sorrow into joy, helped me connect with my inner vitality, make me realise my impact in others' lives."

-- Melina, Paris

"I really appreciated how Gregoire wove somatic exercises and contact with nature into the practices he shared with me. both the bodywork and the walks in nature reconnected me to resources that I had missed and that continue to sustain me. Off the back of our first meeting, i was struck by the steady calmness that Gregoire brings into the space and our conversations. that continued to be a great source of peace and safety for me in our sessions together. Even after all this time, i can still remember the metaphor that Gregoire gave me at the beginning of our sessions, as a way to frame the journey i wanted to explore. it's a story that still resonates with me even now!"

-- Darren, Singapore

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