My practice is grounded in Integral Coaching, an approach where all aspects of our personality, body, mind, heart and spirit are equally valued and trained.

As a former corporate executive, I understand business challenges and leadership issues.

As a human being, I can relate to silent suffering even when everything looks fine from the outside.

As a coach, I am trained to help transform tensions and paradoxes into renewed energy for action.

The coaching programs described here are designed to give you access to untapped pools of inner resources that you can use to navigate your life more fluidly.

Your success will be your ability to self-observe, to self-correct and to self-generate.

At times it feels as if the drivers we usually rely upon to meet life or work challenges do not seem to be operating any longer.


My work is to help you activate and align all aspects of your personality: body, mind, heart and spirit.

Each of these four command centres gives access to specific kinds of resources: physical fluidity; cognitive intelligence; emotional sensitivity; and intuitive wisdom.


These resources are available within.


Sometimes, as we get busy with our lives, we lose connection with one or several of them. The objective of our work is to reactivate these forgotten resources so you can use them in your daily lives.

In addition to training the four command centres, our work will also cultivate a fifth force: the art of integrating them, and their specific energies, into one consistent individuality.

As personal integration develops, we begin to perceive connections between parts of ourselves that we believed were separated.

A situation that seemed unidimensional and rigid may reveal itself multifaceted and plastic, and therefore less threatening and more palatable.


The situation in itself has not really changed. What has changed, however, is its blocking power on us because we are now using an enriched and integrated pool of resources to apprehend it.

Training those command centres that have been most left unattended, and integrating all four of them, is the foundation of my work.


The objective, however, is not only to understand what is happening, nor is it to merely visualise new possibilities.


Much more, we will succeed when you begin to embody new, more supportive ways of being in a sustainable manner.


I offer exercises and practices that help to internalise the learnings and to turn them into consciously actionable behavioural habits.

I also provide cognitive, experiential and artistic resources that you can use and reuse to recall our work together.