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"human inside" & Business

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

"human inside": where we all look alike and where we make a difference.

During the course of my corporate career, I did business in all continents. Everywhere I went, in every person I met, the same human being was visible within, provided I’d look for it.

What makes people rejoice, cry and strive for their children, what makes them human, is everywhere the same.

I believe our humanity is what unites people across nations AND what makes each of us unique. This belief has been a constant thread in my life for as long as I can remember.

In business, it has been at the foundation of my most successful realizations, and of the most long-lasting relationships I’ve built.

So, when I established my coaching practice in 2018, the name INCORP-Human Inside came as a gentle reminder that business organizations are made of humans for humans.

I know from first-hand experience that, when we let our sense of humanity expand to new boundaries, we reach new levels of inner strength, of gentle power, of generosity, of imagination and of sheer efficiency. Moreover, we connect to other beings more easily.

That, which is true in our personal life, directly translates to our roles as business and team leaders.

Here, “humanity” refers to at least five dimensions: mind, body, feelings, intuition and the integration of them all. It sounds a bit like a mouthful but it is pretty simple. You can think of these five dimensions as resource centers. Each resource center delivers a specific kind of intelligence: cognitive, physical, emotional, intuitive, and holistic.

As we learn to (re)activate these intelligences and to integrate them, we increase our pool of resources to respond to life challenges.

It is no different in the workplace. At work too, we are multidimensional beings. We have the right, if not the duty, to use more than just one intelligence—usually the cognitive—at a time.

Human Inside helps business leaders to develop their skills in multiple intelligences.

As they open more to their own humanity, business leaders transform their ways of being and of making decisions. With training, they respond with more creativity to strategic, financial, political, human and relational challenges.

There is no magic to it, only a rejuvenated connection to inner skills that school and education often teach us to discard. Emotional intelligence ('EQ') is one of them. Somatic intelligence (listening to the signals of our body), intuitive intelligence, relational intelligence, even spiritual intelligence are also worth training. They are additional ways of relating to the world and to others which, when combined, strengthen our ability to cope with business realities.

Does it work?


Because learning how to tap into those resources, alternately or all together, provides a tremendous boost to self-understanding, to self-confidence, to creativity and to sociability.

It gives access to genuine, legitimate and long-lasting inner strength, which your stakeholders will identify as enhanced vision, stamina, gravitas and charisma.

What is more: when you familiarize yourself with your own richness and complexity, you better understand the same in others around you; you moderate your need for control; and you introduce a higher degree of fluidity in the systems you lead.

The payback for your organization is higher agility, increased accountability and longer-term orientation—all keys to sustainable economic performance and increased wellbeing.

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