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What Makes A Good Coach?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Not long ago I was asked to answer this question: what makes a good coach?

So, I looked back on my personal experience as a coaching client and asked myself: how did coaching really help me?

Here is what came up:

There is a way through any issue.

We are not just “who we are”.

A good coach shows that we shape our reality way beyond just genetics and inherited behaviors.

The way through is within.

Changing ourselves may be painful, but it is realistic, when changing circumstances or people often is not.

A good coach helps to travel inward.

We can free ourselves from the stickiest patterns.

And we can learn to live without patterns.

A good coach holds space for the emergence of your truest intonation.

Life is more than survival.

It’s about thriving and shining— materially, in our relationships, and spiritually.

A good coach lets you reset your own limits.

Coaching helped me to take responsibility.

And with responsibility, I have realized, comes freedom.

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